We organise one-day tours for you. You can choose between a slow ride of a few kilometres or a much longer ride at a higher pace. You have two options, pedalling with cycling guidance or pedalling with support flagship.


Do you want to take a trip of several days but don’t know how to organise it? We’ll think about everything. Tour planning in all details, contacts with accommodation facilities, day to day support of the tour with a flagship support, cleaning and preparation of bicycles, luggage transfer transport, preparation of lunch baskets.


Do you have a free spirit and would like to go on a trip of several days in self-sufficiency? We help you deal with it day by day. One of our guides will accompany you every single day in bikecpaking mode and teach you how to tackle a self-sufficient journey. We will take care of all aspects with you. Preparation for the trip will take place in the previous weeks with a series of calls and preparatory video calls and we will organise a pre-ride to test the equipment. The destination? You decide it. You will never be alone, we will be with you all aspects of the trip.


Do you want to organise a trip or a women-only ride? With us you can do this by choosing between two proposals. Ride with one of our women’s cycle guides that will support you throughout the day. Pedal the self-sufficiency but with our flagship of support that will act as a guardian angel, we will follow you to give you all the necessary support.


Pedal with visits to wine cellars, tasting experiences and visits to craft breweries. Food and cycling, what better combination?


Are you a team of work colleagues and want to build an even stronger bond? We create for you a bikepacking experience which you will have to take care of all aspects of a self-sufficient journey and beyond. In this package there is the overnight stay in a tent or campsite (at the request of the customer), what are you waiting for? A bike trip to understand how to deal with difficulties and team up.


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